Winifred G. Barton

Chapter 1 - The Formative Years
Chapter 2 - Early Dynastic Period
Chapter 3 - The Old Kingdom
Chapter 4 - The Great Flood
Chapter 5 - The Middle Kingdom
Chapter 6 - The Middle Kingdom Ends
Chapter 7 - The New Kingdom
Chapter 8 - Epilogue

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Winifred Grace Barton holding up
a picture of Loliad R. Kahn.


I am Keph-a-Ra, born in 994 B.C. to parents of substantial means. In life I served under the High Priest Perri-seneb-Ra as Scribe-Priest to Queen Hatshepsut (known in the Church as Mak-a-Ra) and her younger brother Thutmose III, Pharaoh of Egypt (known in the Church as Menk-e-Ra).

Being most fortunate in the accident of my birth, I was given to Ra
early in life and educated in the highest arts of a scribe rather than
in the myriad rituals and dogmas of the Egyptian priesthood. When still
a comparatively young man I was in close attendance upon both ruling
factions of my civilization, Queen-Pharaoh and Church. I also had the
opportunity to travel widely in the performance of my duties.

This book is not intended to convey the story of my life, but
represents the fourth part of a series started by the cosmic Lord,
Loliad-R-Khan. It covers the period from 6000 B.C. to about 700 B.C.,
placing greater emphasis on some periods than others.

In my time my role was a unique one. I was the first priest to be
trained from childhood to be chief scribe to the ruling family, while at
the same time serving as their private priest. I was answerable only to
the Church, as personified by its hierarchy, while at the same time being
an integral part of that hierarchy.

My purpose in communicating is the hope that I can help clarify
controversial historical events, causing proper cognizance to be given
to present day signs and warnings. A proper understanding of the past
should arouse greater humility and gratitude in the hearts of modern
men. Though the reader may doubt some of my statements in the following
chapters, he may rest assured that I have foreknowledge that each
statement will be proven true by future discoveries.

To transcribe this story it has again been necessary to enlist the aid
of one who is wholly dedicated to the Master's service, and so to the
cause of human welfare. She will be unaware of the content until this
work has been completed, having done no research of the type which one
of lesser faith might consider essential.

I realize that the fact of my passing over nearly 3000 years ago adds
little strength to my words. Part of this story is actually a re-writing,
for I first wrote it during my physical lifetime, though much has now
been lost. But there have been more recent scribes who have
mentioned my work and these records may still exist.

These pages are dedicated to those who seek wisdom from the past for
greater enlightenment when dealing with the future, and particularly to
those who serve in the Master's work.

Loliad has presented the experiences of Khe and Atlantis for your
benefit. That corruption has flourished despite the technical
advancement of civilization indicates grave errors in educational
methods. We seek to change this.

In Egypt we lived in darkness, contributing nothing to the spiritual
well-being of mankind. We helped produce some of your twentieth century
confusion by the smug security of our teachings. We deliberately
sacrificed the spiritual for the spectacular, ignoring those things
which we ought to have done, turning a blind eye to those things
which should not have been done.

My justification for writing is to give a lesson in comparisons, which
is the object of history. It should be a major subject in all educational
systems. The greater part of the Loliad story covers the history
which he and Zadius were required to study most diligently, not
only to understand how their nation had advanced but to gain foresight
into possible pitfalls ahead.

History is knowledge -- part of the sum total of all knowledge used by
the preconscious mind in its evaluation of any situation. This same
knowledge should become available to all.

Since books are a major source of learning in your dimension, a
concentrated effort should be made to ensure that every human being is
made literate. Illiteracy confines men to a world of darkness and
suppression. It is starvation of the preconscious mind and contributes
much to regressive racial tendencies. Most people in my generation lived
in such darkness; ignorance, fear, superstition and slavery went hand
in hand.

Humanity's progress to its present state results largely from the
acquired ability to form thoughts into words. To this was added the art
of making graphics to convey words, and through them thoughts, to
others, that great numbers might benefit from transferred
communication. A grave responsibility rests upon writers, though this
sense appears sadly lacking in the vast bulk of literature aimed at
modern youth. The young mind is educated by the items it is led to read.
The very act of reading stimulates thought in a given direction, for it
is nature's way of increasing the strength and power of that which is
well exercised. The power of thought analysis is no exception to this

In the year 6000 B.C., world geography was unrecognizable in comparison
to maps of the present day. All land masses which are now separated were
at that time concentrated into one vast continent. Since those days the
earth's crust has undergone a number of changes with both major and
minor consequences.

In this book I plan to confine my comments to those regions most
familiar to me, while making occasional references to other areas for
clarification purposes.

As my story begins, an Atlantean catastrophe had already destroyed much
of Khe, namely the portion from the Atlantic to a line roughly between
Greece and Benghazi. The Jordan River flowed south to empty into the
Indian Ocean. There was no Red Sea -- only the Jordan and its
tributaries, one of which had its headwaters in the Cyprus region. The
main flow of the Jordan originated in the western slopes of the same
mountain range from which sprang both both the Tigris and Euphrates
Rivers. The Nile flowed in a north-westerly direction. It had once
passed through Khe to flow into the Atlantic Ocean, but now emptied into
the Mediterranean Sea.

Khe, flat prairie country with only one major city, has been previously
described. Egypt bordered this country though there were no marked
boundaries. The Egyptian population was chiefly concentrated in that
region now designated as the Upper Nile, with outlying groups extending
east as far as the eastern shores of the present Persian Gulf, which at
the time was no more than a broad river.

Between the Egyptians and Khe'ans lived numerous small tribes of people
who were indirectly influenced by, but not dominated by, the two
bordering cultures.

The city of Atlantis lay 150 miles to the west of Gibraltar. It was
situated on a peninsula roughly 2500 miles long and 2000 miles wide,
known then as the continent of Atlantis. It is now that continent known
as Antarctica. In earlier times Atlantean culture had spread widely to
the east and west of its geographical boundaries.

Changes in earth's polarity occurred not less than five times within
recorded history. Had it not been for Mars, earth would have been
utterly destroyed by Venus, leaving Mars to become the home of a more
advanced civilization than that of present-day earthlings.

Recognition of these facts provides the answer to light and dark skins
among races; it supplies the reason why blue-eyed blondes originate in
the northern hemisphere. It explains the many puzzling incidents
pertaining to the Exodus and Egyptian history in general.

The facts point a finger of blame for thousands of years of
retrogression, from a time of peace and goodwill among mankind to
conflict and insecurity. The fault lies solely in the worship of that
idol egoism, as manifested in materialism. Until mankind returns to
simple truths there can be no peace.

Over the centuries untruths spoken by powerful groups of manipulators
have come to be regarded as truth by the masses. Let me therefore
reassure the reader that I fully understand the necessity to know Truth
before speaking.

- C. 147795 - Canada 1969