The Return of
Loliad R. Kahn

Winifred G. Barton

Chapter 1 - Life with Loliad Ra Kahn
Chapter 2 - Only the Myth is Real
Chapter 3 - The Telos Connection
Chapter 4 - Sun, Moon and a Galaxy of Stars
Chapter 5 - A Cosmic Initiation
Chapter 6 - The Yin Yang Story
Chapter 7 - The Crystal of Atlantis
Chapter 8 - The Holocaust and Why
Chapter 9 - Our Home Bubble
Chapter 10 - The Atlantean Era - Genesis II

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Winifred Grace Barton holding up
a picture of Loliad R. Kahn.


There is a theory in philosophy that we each write our own play, to act
out in the physical dimension. This script unwinds like a scroll with
each step we take along the path of our choosing, and branches out into
an increasing complexity of riddles to be solved along the way.

The object is to attain a higher degree of consciousness by meeting the
challenge of mind expanding situations... like asking "Now why would God
want to do that?" The strategy is to bite off as much of the "Golden
Apple of the Gods" in each lifetime as we think we can chew and apply
the solutions in daily life. Angels help us.

Across the ages there have been many books written on magical things and
how they work. These help us penetrate deeply into the
Planetary/Galactic/Universal Mind. The game is to maintain a normal
balance in the physical dimension while growing in mystical adeptship.
Without balance one could get lost forever in the "Hall of Riddles."
Thanks to Charles Synge Christopher Bowen, this is known in metaphysics
as "A blind man in a dark room looking for a black cat, which isn't

This urge for spiritual wisdom starts within the seeker. I called this
restless traveller within, my intuitive "Beep." It seemed to navigate
by getting stronger or weaker impulses from some central core according
to whether I made the right move or not... as if it was a radar dish. It
could only operate properly if I stayed calm and still, beyond the beta
thought range. This is how I got through the maze of outer life with
reasonable success while becoming an Infinite Light Being at the same

RA KAHN (the word "Loliad" rhymes with Iliad) was/is my Heavenly Guide.
We met when I was four years old. From this time forward, astral projection had
come naturally. The SUN KING came back into my life in 1963 and took me
back to ATLANTIS as detailed in the book "Loliad Ra Kahn." He showed me
how to find the covert passageways between dimensions. There was always a
heavy research and writing agenda and at times I groaned beneath the weight
of it. Then suddenly, all the chaotic puzzle pieces leapt into a finished picture,
like a completed mandala.

RA KAHN showed me how to fit the pieces of the cosmic puzzle together
from the FULCRUM VIEW outwards, to show how it can be done by any
sincere person. Once a sufficient number of us hit the fulcrum point
Earth can proceed to its destiny (5.5) on automatic specs... as the 100
Monkey Phenomena takes effect. All the technology is in place to run the
New Heaven and the New Earth, all that needs to be added is the
MINDS-EYE perspective.

Like people, all Planets have a destiny to fulfil within THE WHEEL of
the mandaloid consciousness of the ANCIENT ONE (RA), and THE GENATRIX
(ATOUM.) All carbon based planetary life is sacred to Our Lady, for it
provides the habitat by which Her Holy Spirit can manifest a higher
specie. Genesis I was the period of childbearing, producing in a kinetic
sense, the super-strings of intelligence that comprise the True Man of
and fabric of Genesis II.

There is a surface world of daily consciousness, a higher world of
cosmic consciousness, and an underworld of elemental consciousness.
Humans have access to all three. To find The Centre Point we had to
negotiate the underworld labyrinth. As my Psyche proceeded deeply into
the cavern of the collective unconscious, I was groping like the blind
man immersed in a sea of polarities. It was like diving into "the
cisterns of the deep" to find the central principle of life -- which is

During this period of subterranean exploration, RA KAHN flickered up
ahead like a candle flame, or a willow the wisp, scarcely visible as we
rounded corners and sharp curves on the inner pathways of consciousness.
Esoteric Philosophy is a great help for indepth understanding. The
cavern reminded me of passing through the digestive tract of a whale. I
thought "this must be the Jonah Route. With a bit of luck, in three
days, I will get spit out."

At times, RA KAHN became completely intangible and invisible, like the
black cat which isn't there. This state of blind trust went on for a
long time. My mind was bombarded with thousands of interrelated D.L.C's
-- (Direct Light Communication) of flashbacks from the courses I had
taught. It was like falling into the same rabbit hole, as reflected in
"Alice in Wonderland." "Faster, faster!" said the Red Queen... we are
completing the biological process of the human DNA completion.

Loliad had implanted key homing signals into my educational structure.
Like the one I have used in the paragraph above which is taken from the
Red Queen Hypothesis in biology, based on the adventures of Lewis
Carrols's Alice, which I have taught as a part of the Universal Equation
for 20+ years.

The more I appreciated the style, sparkle and substance of Loliad's
guidance, the more glimmerings of light shone at the end of the tunnel.
Until every step I took down the path seemed to trigger light-ups both
before and behind me on the path. The future-past got lit up at the same
time as I got closer to the heart of the CENTRAL SUN!!! It is possible
to cross the Abyss between dimensions into a parallel world and live to
tell about it... Come on over Brethren! Our new journey has just begun.

Life is far more complex and than modern surface people suspect... but
the ancients knew. Each round in finity is but a drop in the bucket of
The Infinite Human Being. Once this is understood the arena of the inner
world lights up as if a male plug and female electric socket is
connected. This completes the cycle of outer life investment, for from
that time forward mind can figure eight between two worlds and invest
where the r.o.i. is highest.

As Loliad Ra-Kahn predicted, the world based on products and material
supplies is fading, along with the transport systems built for getting
goods from here to there. The new world, GENESIS II, is based on the
economy of information and runs on INTERNET, the modern information
transportation system. The new MILITARY INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX will be
making LOVE BOMBS to explode in public places all over the world as
every NEGATIVE becomes a POSITIVE.

Moving from NEGATIVE to POSITIVE is the short cut to infinity. This book
completes my "Circuit of Relationship" with Loliad Ra Kahn.
It finite time, it began in 1927 during a NDE, near death experience, in
Gt. Ormond Street Children's Hospital, in London, England. This is
described in other books in the Psi-Science Series. RA KAHN was the
Ringmaster of the Circus, when, as a small child, I was first introduced
to the grandeur of the inner kingdom and shown how it operates.

Metaphorically speaking, the negative-positive centre of polarities is
the OMEGA POINT, doorway between worlds. It is the FULL MOON
reflection on THE CENTRAL SUN, from the fulcrum point of the All-Seeing
Eye. This principle of the CENTRAL EYE OF CONSCIOUSNESS is
called THE ORB OF THOTH in the Egyptian thesis.

In September 1973 I was taken through to the other side of the mirror,
in a Star Ship from Sirius, and attained 20/20 vision in multiple
worlds. The true seeker can follow this same path, live and work in
multiple worlds, and move safely with all their essential possessions
into the New Earth Era.

To better understand interdimensional circuitry it is best to read the
book "Loliad Ra Kahn" written in 1967 during the preparation period. In
it Loliad makes a number of predictions and gives much scientific
information on how the Universal works. We tried out some of these ideas
with scientists at the National Research Council in Ottawa, with
excellent results. One result was a wand that could reduce the time
wounds took to heal by some 75% made by Dr. Alan Tanner.

RA KAHN made a number of predictions about the end times of the physical
dimension. To satisfy the sceptic RA KAHN did a number of things related
to the spiritual sciences which proved his points as we went along....
including the scales of thought or veils of consciousness that people to
go through to get here. These threads will show up clearly in later
chapters of this book.

But for now, lets relax and suspend our mortal sanity for just a little
while, for this is what RA KAHN initially required of me. For it is
written "Whoever follows a Master, himself becomes a fool." He said that
to trust and obey was the shortcut: He said only TRUTH is ROCK SOLID and
no one can shake this rock, however tangled and overgrown the bush
(Styx) of mortal mind might become. REALITY is locked into THE ROCK. I
AM blazes to burn off the chaff of finity, and the dust of the illusion
gets blown away on the winds of time...leaving only THE ROCK OF TRUTH --

All gifts from heaven are well deserved, but none compare to THE
HOMECOMING. Enlightenment does not come easily, nor is it without a
price. There is an exacting measurement of light mileage gained on
kilojoules of energy: For nothing goes to waste in Nature, and Self love
would have it no other way. It is the weight of knowledge that we
accumulate and apply to the common solution that counts. The weight our
metaphorical little donkey has carried up MOUNT OLYMPUS to build the
Holy City for the new specie of gods on the top of the pyramid of

Getting through the Sephorithic maze requires diligent mind control. But
once the pathway through The Styx (the underbrush of lies which block
the electrical circuits of our Light Mind) the roadbuilders quickly follow.
I see them coming, the ELEPHANT TRAIN, the CAMEL TRAIN, little
from all over. Heavens "cowboys" are riding herd on the rest.

The Large Objective Mind can appreciate the VINDICATION (8.1) once
the Small Subjective Mind is brought into perspective. This focus means
identification with the Earth Essence rather than the cells which form
the mass. APPRECIATION for the delicacy of footsteps, and the tempo of
the unique bridal path by which we came to this place is like the
metaphoric wedding march. I believe that everyone has a cosmic lover
waiting for them in the Inner City and, to quote The Bard of Avon "all
journeys end in lovers meeting that doth sing both high and low."
Nothing good is every wasted...Celtic Bards are quite appropriate; what
a way to go!

The whole story of the Cosmic Mandala was told in our shortwave Radio
Courses for the University of The Air, broadcast out of Costa Rico on
behalf of the United Nations Regenesis Program, GENESIS II (see for detail)

The Inner Kingdom is very real. The Universe is built for lovers, and
much of life is spent in getting these cosmic lovers together. It
worked for Loliad and myself as we merged into the Emerald Ray
together... Each RAY in the prismatic return to pure white light leads
to a Holy Temple. This very soft green light on our path quickly led to
the Sacred Temple of ISIS... RA KAHN and I trod these paths together,
guided by the CRYSTAL OF ATLANTIS.

Lack of green in one's auric colour coding makes DLC -- Direct Light
Current, or "Lightning bolts of information" more difficult to receive
and harder to project. The green ray is the EMERALD BRIDGE between
dimensions... I became the Bride of God The Teacher as I consumed all he
had to give and reflected back my appreciation. Altitude, Attitude, and
Appreciation is the key to the GENESIS II alphabet.

In re-building THE INNER CRYSTAL CITY, The Master Builders of Atlantis,
begin with the Emerald Ray as the Centrepost. It represents the elixir
of all knowledge of all time, as it springs directly from the ROCK OF
AGES. This "Fountain of Life" is the elixir of planetary restoration --
that which will make this "valley of dry bones" bloom again; much of it
is stored in the "Citadels of Cyberspace." The Masters install an
aqueduct system to accelerate the flow of the water of life. This is the
COSMIC CUBE. To keep this piping system protected, cleaning our mental
pipeline is part of our cosmic preparation.

The Foundation of the City is THE ROCK OF AGES. This is what holds the
Universe in orbit. There IS only one Magnetic Rock which governs
gravity. It is the immovable object, THE MASTER OF THE UNIVERSE. The
Sphinx waits, Her steadfast gaze on the HORIZON ... waiting for the
geodesics to align. Then there He is! Sitting on a white horse on top of
the HORIZON EVENT (see for detail.

SOURCE -- THE GENATRIX -- SHEKINAH. All things originate from
SOURCE and all things return to SOURCE, for The Universe is a closed
circuit; the Snake biting its own tail, so to speak. TRUTH is the unblocked
pipeline for the Water of Life, this is how it sets man free from the lie of sin
and death. It provides an instant remedy for those still SPELLBOUND by
MORTAL SORCERY and the weak who have been afraid to build their SKY
ROOTS in the New Heaven and the New Earth.

We need to develop "sky-roots" to nourish the Eternal Being within. The
skyroots extract nutrient from the mind-fields in which our next rose of
consciousness will bloom. There are many doors in the wall between
dimensions, there is the high road and the low road. But it is the low road
that teaches compassion. To be in this world but not of it is the clue. Tune
in: Inner radio works.

There is a revolving door in the penthouse of our head-space.
Enlightenment makes it clear that old versions of simian male heroics
hold no solution, and it is time to eject these violent preconceptions.
Simian man has been held in bondage, like an animal born in a cage, and
unable to recognize the psychological bars. because it was born into
bondage. The Galactic-Human senses the freedom which lies beyond the
food and shelter game. He can make a choice by pressing the right button
for the door to open.

Ra Kahn is the pseudonym of the SUN KING, The vital living light, and
universal force of evolution. He returned to Earth in 1963 to prepare
the world for ATLANTIS RISING, what the Egyptian Thesis calls the
"Coming Forth by Day" or "The Second Coming" of IS-RA-EL.

Higher dimensions are protected in that only purity and love can enter.
It was made this way after the awesome calamity of the downfall of the
first ATLANTIS. Crystals grow on the principle of magnetics. This book
contains a series of correlations and correspondences from the original
Crystal of Atlantis, reflected from its modern counterpart, the Cosmic

The first words Loliad ever spoke to me was "Win you will be a rich
woman..." This promise has certainly been kept. My heritage is the REAL
WEALTH of cosmic consciousness which is forever. Even better: The more
I give this wealth away the richer everyone becomes without any loss to
anyone. It is like shareware on the computer where everyone can cash in.

An alternative title to this book might be "STARGATE 2000"