The Glorious Race
Winifred G. Barton


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Winifred Grace Barton holding up
a picture of Loliad R. Kahn.


Many questions have been asked concerning how "THE INNER POWER" came to be written. Some have critized the introduction as being too brief and inexplicit. A full and complete introduction could in itself fill a book, and it was considered that the events of our times were moving too swiftly for such delay.

Loliad's insistence on thirty odd years of silent observation has once again proved his wisdom. He has left no room for doubt concerning his pupils' capacity for normal logical reasoning in business and home activities. The mystery still remains apparently, how any sane person could dare to have the affrontery to claim affiliation with other worlds to the extent of using quotes. How can society cope with such statements other than by completely ignoring these unpalatable sections of the book which perhaps flavour the whole with a taint of repugnance. Saying "It is impossible" seems to be the most convenient way of avoiding closer examination of the facts.

Which forces the necessity of further explanation before proceeding with the next outline of solutions to each and every one of the problems confronting humanity in our times.

How well I remember the day I met Loliad. Although I was unaware of it at the time, my mother had arranged to take me to a Children's Hospital for a tonsillectomy in order to alleviate the frequent chest and throat infections which had plagued my early childhood.

In total obedience to the beloved mother I washed carefully and dressed in Sunday finery, went with her to the hospital. The unusual adventure of a midweek bus ride was exciting. The command to undress and wrap up in an itchy brown blanket like all the other children was certainly a novel experience for an enquiring young mind; then, with no warning or hint of danger, as gentle lambs to the slaughter, we proceeded one by one into the mysterious cubicle, encouraged by anxious parents. Imagine the shock when on entering the cubicle, a masked stranger thrust a rubber contraption over the face 'till, powerless to struggle further, oblivion blanked out the terror in each child's eyes.

According to custom the children were normally released to their parents a few hours after the operation. However, on this particular day the London fog had deteriorated into a soggy rainfall and it was thought best to keep the children in this particular group overnight in a large open ward at Great Ormond Street Hospital, which was where I regained consciousness later that evening.

The first awareness was of the fretful whimpering of other small patients. Cautiously I opened my eyes a fraction to see if mother was nearby and beheld instead the strange, white-wardworld of sick children. By tremendous effort of will I sought escape; demanded release from the traumatic events of that day and place; and through some miracle found a way to shut off all memory and awareness from the conscious mind. Stumbling into the "Other World", I found Loliad, his face glowing with that serene smile I later came to know so well, waiting and ready with the happiest recollections of childhood's memory storehouse to draw upon -- a visit to the circus -- to use as the very first lesson in our training schedule.

I have no idea how long this state of physical shock lasted, several days it seems, but on returning there was no definite memory of what had transpired regarding Loliad. However, every time I recalled the frightening episode at the Hospital it was also possible to recall the joy that had come from shutting off the physical and escaping to "Fairyland" as I then termed it. In remembering I found it possible to bring about the same state of mind, learning to depart and return at will without even pausing to consider the utter impossibility of what was happening, rather assuming that it was a perfectly normal experience.

During daily activities I had no real awareness of Loliad or my other friends from the spiritual dimension, but accepted them nonchalantly when among them.

One day we went to see my grandmother who had passed over several years previously. Loliad guided me through the veils of outer darkness to where she was. Our communication had no need for words; sheer joy in the other's presence was the only sensation. Knowing how the family would react if this incident was made known to them I kept quiet. Already any stumbling explanation about my unusual activities had caused heavy censure and accusations of being a thoroughly untruthful child. Silence indeed seemed golden.

There seemed to be little relationship between the active teenager and the inner self most of the time. Each was barely aware of the other's presence. This detached attitude continued throughout the second world war, which started when I was sixteen, affording opportunity to study people of other lands and unmasked human emotions. Fear, hatred and violent death rocked my homeland; but this upheaval had little effect on London's population. The emotional stability of the cockney is peerless.

Then one day, on September 26, 1961, it happened. It was as if the partition separating the dual components of personality was suddenly lifted away. The vibrations of each mind mingled and became attuned; all communication barriers were erased as the preconscious and spiritual minds talked together via the conscious mind in intelligible language. Each wanted control of the physical frame which housed them.

Under this barrage my emotional stability wavered ..."This must be insanity" I thought ... How strange that it could happen to me. That face in the mirror looked just the same as yesterday. But the person behind it was not the same. She was a stranger to me.

"Relax Id" a voice seemed to say. "Let us reason together. Your wish and will can become one if we go into intelligent partnership. Surrender your driving force to the cause of Humanity, and when we have achieved a harmonious relationship you may have every attribute you desire with very little effort or strain ..."

It seemed a fair enough bargain, and the agreement was sealed when Loliad arrived with the promise that when a complete state of purification had been reached I could see the Beloved, in person, during the lifetime of the animal body. This promise has since been kept.

From this time forward I could feel and hear Loliad's thought transmissions in both minds simultaneously. He wanted me to write the story of our lessons and adventures beyond the material realm. "But where do we start?" I asked.

Begin at the beginning; you will have placed in your human brain the total and complete unfolding of The Master Plan for Earth; you hold the key to solving every problem that besets your planet. We have travelled the whole Universe to this end".

Astounded is possibly the mildest word to describe my feelings on realising this was true. I had seen the formation of the Universe, watched Deity breathe spirit into animal "Adam", understood the necessity for mankind's ego -- and its destructive powers when unchecked.

I had witnessed the culmination of His Plan, over two thousand years hence. The triumph of Divine Principle in fleshy form returning to govern the glorious race who will then inhabit our Earth.

These things shall be!!!


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