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Correspondance between Robert Hoffman and Winifred Barton starting in 1994.

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"Total happiness and fulfillment for every living thing will culminate in the wedlock of dimensions wherein worlds visible and invisible will work together in an unrestrained, harmonious and equitable symbiotic relationship."

Winifred Grace Barton

Founder- Winifred Grace Barton

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Unrolling the BMS Scroll - by Adrienne Smith

3045 Otterson Drive. We walked in. Immediately I felt a most calming
atmosphere, a lightness, presence... I could certainly notice the change.
I wanted to stay in that vibe.

The basement was full of people. It was not a lecture on E.S.P but the
Beginner's Course in Metaphysics. Speaking was a lady named Winifred G.
Barton. That night totally changed my life. I could hardly believe what I
was hearing. It was what I was looking for. I was home.

And so began my real Inner Journey into my own Universe. It worked.
I began to development my own Inner Power. For the first time in my life I was
happy. I was 33 years old, this was in 1964. I was deep down inside happy,
everyone noticed it. I was asked what I was doing. I tried to tell a bit of
what I had learnt. I quickly stopped it. I was neither accepted nor believed.
That was fine.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

I, (Adrienne Smith) joined The B.M.S. (The Bartonian Metaphysical Society) in 1964. I know I was led, guided to do so.

Meetings were held at the residence of Dr. Winifred G. Barton, & Ernest W. Barton, 3045 Otterson Drive, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

I took the Beginners Course, then called Psyche & Personality Development. Later on it was changed to The Ultimate You Course.

In our classes we were taught to develop our Psyches and Personalities using specific techniques. New mind worlds were opened up to me, (everyone). Very early in the course, I met my Guide, (Lesson #6, entitled Know Your Guide).

I took all the courses numerous times. The second Course was called Esoteric Philosophy, studying/learning about all the major religions of the world, gleaning the essences from them. This was followed by Applied Metaphysics, a more senior course. Later came Post Applied Metaphysics.

A book could be written about everything I experienced. I was in Metaphysics for life. Experiences were/are never-ending.

I worked in the Government during the day at The Dept. of Energy, Mines & Resources. I had two children living with me. My first husband had died on February 4, 1972. He was in his 37th year. His name was Clayton Burrows. My children's names were/are Elaine and Darcy Burrows. Elaine was 13 years old when Clayton died. Darcy 11. Both of them eventually wound up in Metaphysics.

BMS grew. More space was needed - which was rented at 199 Queen St., downtown Ottawa. More people coming in.

Eventually BMS bought a house at 495 Lyon Street, Ottawa, Ontario. By this time there was a large French Unit. People driving in from Montreal and environs to take courses.

I served as Ottawa Unit President for 6 years, (English Unit). I also served as Secretary of the B.M.S., while living at 495 Lyon Street, for a number of years.

BMS grew by leaps and bounds. A church was purchased at 250A Lyon Street; many an esoteric "baby", was born there. B.M.S. Courses were also taught at 250A. Dances were held. Lots of (red) energetics and merriment took place there.

Students were invited to take Teacher Training Courses if they were interested in teaching Metaphysics; more branching out. Pembroke, Kemptville, Peterborough, Montreal.

Any teacher of metaphysics knows they are always the first student. One of our slogans was "Learn Baby Learn", and learn we all did.

Property was bought at Nominingue, Quebec. Nominingue was what I called our Teaching Dome. People came from all over the world to take a 3 month course in Metaphysics, then return to their respective countries.

Property was also bought on Highway 7. It was called The Madoc Campus, Heaven's Gate. It handled the Administration of BMS.

Dr. Barton travelled out West, teaching. She was invited to speak on radio stations, asking people to call in, if they wanted to, to tell their psychic stories and experiences; they did. The stories were compiled in a book entitled "Psychic Phenomena in Canada, later changed to Canada's Psi Century".

Soon a campus at Gravelbourg, Saskatchewan was bought. Growth was phenomenal.

While all this was going on, another property was bought. 1,500 acres in Coe Hill, Ontario. The Campus at Madoc was called Heaven's Gate, the property at Coe Hill was named "Heaven."

Our input was to leave a money-driven society and live as close to Nature and natural living as possible. Each campus had their own animals, vegetable gardens etc. At Nominingue and Coe Hill, we produced our own Maple Syrup.

We realized we were, on a higher level, being trained as E.T.s.

We were being trained as The 13th. Tribe Of Levi. The training was given for this moment in time, because of what was now happening globally on the planet, we were/are trained to help the people.

We were in training for over 10 years. Then came the time of testing, both of the composite group and individually.

Suffice to say, I then called the 10 year period I spent living in/at/on the different campuses that my burning tip of conscious awareness, (btca) had consciously experienced what I called the under-belly of God, or living though Genesis I, where I experienced going back in time and connecting to the original Adam and Eve mentioned in the bible - and called Genesis I.

We are now into Genesis II, the Overbelly of God.

As an individual, I've been through an Egyptian Initiation, where one is stripped bare of any smatterings of thinking "they" are good, as only God is Good. The rest of us have egos, super-egos, superior egos to handle.

The 13th Tribe of Levi is now landed in the flesh, KNOWING who they are and sent to "help" the rest of humanity to teach them to know who they are, if they don't already.

I believe in and have experienced MAGIC. Seen it happen, usually when it's least expected. All I can say is - HOW GREAT THOU ART!

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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