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w Science Background - B.Sc. (physics) 1967; B.Sc. EES (Electrical Engineering Science - Dean's Honours) 1970. Both degrees obtained from the University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.
w Metaphysics Background - became active in the Bartonian Metaphysical Society in 1971 while working as an engineer at the Manitoba Telephone System.
w What is Metaphysics? - Metaphysics = science made "personal". Goal of metaphysics = "end" π in physics. Man is not an "ape" therefore "God" "exists" = meaning of "I think therefore I am".
w Other Interests - writing music; writing poetry; tutoring mathematics, spending time at the lake.
w Christian Affiliation - Anglican.

Down BMS Memory Lane by R. A. Hoffman

In 1971 a fellow engineer at the Manitoba Telephone System happened to come across a listing in the yellow pages for the BMS - Bartonian Metaphysical Society. He and I attended an introductory lecture. I took the courses thinking that esoterics might be a way to look deeper into relativity.

In 1974, it occurred to me that two dates in Earth's early history begin with the numeral '6' (6 billion, 600 million). I wondered if 6000, the number of years roughly since the time of Adam and Eve, would be the last number in a progression that sums up evolution. Reference articles written by or quoting Richard Leakey immediately filled in the gap. 600, 60 and 6 extend the progression; a 0-date has been reached; "men scorched with great heat" = career burnout. Word processing is now becoming a science as did data processing at one point in time. "Big Bang" = doublespeak.

Established in 1965, the BMS is still active today. Winifred Grace Barton (1923-2016), founder of the BMS later renamed I*AM - Institute of Applied Metaphysics, came to Canada from London, England in 1947, the year after I was born. See a description of the early days in metaphysics called "Unrolling the BMS Scroll" by Adrienne Smith. The Winnipeg Unit had, in the 1970's, about 100 active members.

Web Sites by R. A. Hoffman

w 3×3×3 Puzzle Solution - a one-page solution - no knowledge of notation required. is named after this page.
w What is Calculus?
- In arithmetic the question is given; in algebra the answer is given; in calculus neither is given... - one page.
w Three Stars Changed
- Next step in evolution = walking "erect". Three stars changed = "rod of iron". The stars have been reached without leaving earth. The belt of Orion is not a belt. - 42 pages
w Date of Exodus 1604 B.C.
- based on untampered-with Bible chronology. - 13 pages

The 0--date reached in the progression = halfway point in the lifespan of the sun = midpoint in time = balancing point in time = "Day of Judgement" = end date in prophecy. Time "ends" when "dating" "begins". "Adam" became Adam not when he was born but when he was "born again".

Music by R. A. Hoffman

w "I Defeated the I AM" written in 1984. "Defeat" "I AM" = "meek".
w "My heart goes boom, boom, boom when I think of you" (YouTube Channel - Robert Hoffman - Cranked Up).
w "Walking "Erect" (YouTube Channel - Robert Hoffman - Cranked Up).

Sound quality not good. Use lots of base.
YouTube video: "A Brief History of the End of Time" resolves the debate between creationism and evolutionism in 42 seconds.

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